Your Identity

In this proof of concept, your identity simply is your keypair.

Generating an identity

Enter a seed below and press the 'generate' button to generate your new identity.


Assets | Properties

In this proof of concept, the assets in our transactions are Houses that are currently Available in the City.

Create a new Household Record

Enter a description for the Property you want to introduce to the market:


Your House Hold Records

description transaction ID
{{}} {{}}
No House Hold Records.

Transaction chain

Each asset on the BigchainDB has a list of transactions that have been performed upon it.

Perform action on House Hold Records: {{}}

Enter an action to perform:



Transfer the asset to another Owner

This action is the equivalent of selling the product to another firm that will in turn process it for their purpose.

The receiver enters their password:



{{new Date(}}

All assets | House Hold Records

All data on a bigchaindb network (that you participate to) is visible to you, even the assets that never belonged to you. This is what provides the transparancy.

Description transaction ID
{{}} {{}}